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Affordable Vacation Destinations is proud to offer to you, the consumer, exactly what our name implies AFFORDABLE solutions to your vacation needs.

From Timeshare Purchases, to Vacation Rentals, to Travel Arrangements, we offer you a one stop shop where you are sure to find the vacation you are looking for at a price that can't be beat.


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People who take vacations are among the happiest in the world !

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Families that make vacations a high priority have  lower divorce rates, better relationships with their children, are more successful in business, and have a better outlook on life.

Did you know...

95% of people surveyed stated that if they had more TIME and more MONEY they would spend them vacationing.


Vacations add balance and revitalize our energy towards life.

See why a SmartShare Vacation Membership is
simply the BEST deal in vacations !

A unique offer from LocatingMe.com -This service will enable you, or anyone in your family, to enter important information about you or your family so that they may be located. You may enter location, travel plans, itinerary, or any other helpful information, 24 hours a day so that anyone with your access ID and password will be able to locate you. This is a must for people who travel -- more information

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If you are considering a timeshare opportunity, look here first!

 These vacation memberships are better than owning.

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Our Lease Membership is our Entry Level Membership for those whose finances may be struggling, but who still want the quality vacation experience that comes from staying in Luxury Resort Condominiums

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